Aurom is a folksong trio that makes music inspired by both minimalistic melodies, the quiet and soft and the intense expressive. By combining their different vocal backgrounds they use both folksongs, impro and new pieces as basis for their music. The three voices makes harmonies and timbers that moves the listener. The texts are inspired by the complexity of living today and before. 

Aurom was formed autumn 2017. The three singers got the task of creating a concert where folk song and tonality were the focus, and the three discovered they had the same curiosity for the same musical elements. This collaborative concert ended in a trio who explores timbres, dynamics, improvisation, and the expressive power of the human voice. All with the purpose of describing the things in life that can`t be described in words alone. 

Aurom concists of Guro Utne Salvesen, a versatile singer from Rogaland with a masters in folk singing in contemporary music, Ingebjørg Lognvik Reinholdt from Telemark, a traditional singer with a special heart for the variety of voices in her tradition, og Malin Alander from Sogn og Fjordane, a folk singer in tradition after Unni Løvlid and a strong composer and improviser. 

Aurom released their first album in april 2021, called “Utan å dirre” (“without trembling”) on NyeNor. In 2022, they are touring with a new concert, “O svage Sind” (Oh, weak mind”) composed by them, with contributions from composer Agnes Ida Pettersen and lyrical contributions from writer Agnes Ravatn. As always, with traditional music weaved in.