Aurom Folksong Trio

Auroms second album “O, svage sind” (Oh, weak mind) is out now!

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Aurom combines three glorious voices and a love for their power of expression into a sound that is both brand new and altogether different.

The trio collects timeless songs from their tradition, and brings them into their own Aurom-universe. They compose new songs inspired by the old, and the many glorious vocal traditions in the world. Their music always has a touch of spontaneity and improvisation, because the best music is the one happening in the moment. Their arrangements are influenced by the ability of a voice to say so many things without a single word. Their texts are inspired by the flickers of ultimate happiness, the conflicts within, the complexities of being human. Now and then.

Aurom is Norwegian folksingers Malin Alander, Ingebjørg Lognvik Reinholdt and Guro Utne Salvesen. The trio released their first album “Utan å dirre” on Nye Nor label on May 7th 2021. Listen on Spotify or Deezer, buy on Bandcamp or Apple Music

“raw – delicate – overtone rich – high energy – honest – dreamy and mysterious”.
“Aurom wants something with their music,  and it is impossible for the listener to resist” 
Review of first album, Folkemusikk 19.10.21

Aurom recently completed their Norwegian tour with new music composed by the trio in collaboration with composer Agnes Ida Pettersen, author agnes Ravatn, and as always, beautiful traditionl music woven into it. The concert was named “Oh, weak mind”, and is inspired by traditional stories of being seduced or going searching for a way into the mountain, into another world. 

 (…) other impressive graduates included the young female a capella trio Aurom, who sang with no amplification in an art museum as they mixed folk influences and eerie experimentation in their updated medieval horror stories of monsters dragging villagers off into the forests or mountains.

Review of Førdefestivalen 2022, Robin Denselow, Folk Radio

NEW ALBUM: The trio is releasing their second album on the label Nye Nor, March 22th 2024. The music is from the concert with the same name, “O, Svage Sind” (“Oh, weak mind”).


Aurom – O, svage sind

Tingingsverket «O, svage sind» er eit samarbeid mellom vokaltrioen Aurom, komponist Agnes Ida Pettersen og forfattar Agnes Ravatn. Verket utforskar det skjulte og ville i oss sjølve, i møte med eigne krav og omverda sine rammer og rytmer. Tematikk og inspirasjon spring ut frå tolkingar av bergtakingshistoriar og naturmytiske ballader.

Aurom slepp si andre plate 22. mars 2024 med musikk frå denne konserten. Plata vert gitt ut på Nye Nor, og får navnet “O, Svage Sind”.